Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner


We get this question a lot! Why do we need a wedding planner? There are so many reasons, but my number one answer is planning a wedding can be stressful and wedding planners help take some stress away. I may be a wedding planner but even I still hired one for my wedding day!

No. 1

Wedding planners take the stress off of the couple on the wedding day. We set up, run the show smoothly, and take down. Leaving our couples and their families the ability to relax and enjoy the day instead of worrying about the logistic.


No. 2

We create an itinerary for your day of. We work with the couple to create a day of timeline that includes every single thing happening and what time it happens at. This keeps us on track and ensures a your wedding flows smoothly. The itinerary also tells us what vendors arrive when, and their contact information so if they are not on time we can give them a call get their ETA and work with them on getting them setup and ready to go prior to the ceremony.


No. 3

Vendor recommendations within budget. Over the years we have worked with countless vendors that range in costs. That allows us to give suggestions that fit your budget and feel for the wedding. It also has allowed us to have relationships with these vendors so instead of working in silos we know how to best work together on your wedding day.


No. 4

Wedding planners literally save the day. We come with an emergency kit that has anything and everything you can think of in it. Bridesmaid rips a dress, we can sew it. Get a stain, we will remove it. The list goes on and on.


No. 5

We have ideas and inspiration for days! Working in the wedding world for years has given us the ability to give ideas, show inspo and know exactly how to style your day from start to finish based off of what your want. We stay up to date with trends but also make sure each wedding is unique in its own way.

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